Friday, October 2, 2009

View From The Top

The Paramount has a 90 ft. "Boom" lift on the dance floor. The lift is being used to install the sprinkler system on the ceiling, which is 60 feet above the floor.
(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge)

Here is a view of the mural above the stage, taken from the same level as the mural. I was bout 15 feet away from it when I took this picture.

The last time we had this type of lift in the theater was in 2000 for the Hippodrome restoration. I have to confess that sometimes at night when all of the workmen go home, I like to take the lift out for a spin. This lift is made to be used indoors "only" and can fit through narrow doorways. That is why I think it sways so much. It takes some getting used to as the lift is rising and the shaking becomes more pronounced, the higher you go.

Above is a picture taken on the way up of the dome in the center of the ceiling.

Here is a view from above the mural. Not a great angle to see the painting, but a very different perspective on the whole theater from this high up.

This is a birds eye view of the Proscenium Arch.

This is the view looking back into the balcony and all of the scaffolding above it.
The dome is lit with red lights.
The batteries on my camera went dead after I snapped these pictures, unfortunately, I wasn't even all the way up to the ceiling yet.
In the next few days I will take the machine for another ride and get some better pictures.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scaffolding Returns to The Paramount

Hardhats are now required @ the Hippodrome. Scaffolds have been erected, a "Boom Lift" has taken over the dance floor, Sprinkler pipe is everywhere, and work is underway.
I spent the day working at The Hippodrome, watching the scaffolding being set up for the sprinkler installation and ceiling restoration. This afternoon a 90 ft. boom lift was delivered and carefully driven down to the dance floor.
This combination of lifts and scaffolding is very similar to what was used in 2000 for the Hippodrome restoration. Today, I brought a camera with me to take some pictures of the interior with the scaffolding installed.

The scaffolding took 2 days to load in and set up. There was definitely a feeling of Deja vu for me, as the last time we had platforms like this built was 9 years ago. The difference this time is that the scaffold is meant to work on the entire ceiling, while last time we were restoring paint on the walls and only a few damaged parts of the ceiling.

The view in the above picture is from the top of the scaffolding looking across the ceiling at the other towers.

The view from 60 ft. up looking down on the chandeliers.

The scaffolds and lifts in 2000 were brought in and the paint restoration was done before we built the decks that lead down to the dance floor. At that time we were able to tie the lift to a Bobcat and drive the lift down to the dance floor. Now there are four sets of steps to drive the 6000 lb. lift down. I had this nifty looking ramp built out of 2"x 12"s and 3/4 in. plywood. There was a lot of snapping and crackling of wood, but we made it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding Hippodrome Springfield, Ma

This video was taken in 2007 during a Wedding that took place at The Hippodrome (Paramount). The Paramount will reopen this fall (2009) and will be booking Weddings and special events. The Paramount features over $500,000 worth of production equipment, Lighting, Sound, and Special effects.
The 45 ft. Movie screen is put to good use and the stage allows for great live performances. This Wedding used a Cirque Du Soleil Troope